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Irene Q, CEO


SonShine General Merchandise Outlet stocks quality, affordable electronics and automotive lighting solutions. From cellphone and small automotive accessories, to portable speakers, to its very own line of auto lighting kits, this humble little shop in the heart of Agana is well worth checking out.


As a company that's still fairly new to the scene, SonShine's beginnings date back to late 2016, when we began selling portable speakers, cellphone accessories and LED lights out of home through websites like Craigslist and Facebook. One item particular - a universal dome light

for car interiors - became a best-seller.

Word of mouth spread fast. Finding herself running out of storage space at home then we officially opened SonShine General Merchandise Outlet's Agana doors in 2017, with the goal of providing quality and value to retail merchants and everyday consumers alike.

SonShine carries a wide selection of electronics, including speakers, headphones, phone accessories and of course, perhaps what the shop is best known for: Automotive lighting with the success of their first universal LED dome light, Q decided to develop SonShine's automotive lighting line extensively. Her boyfriend, with more than 10 years of automotive industry experience, was into custom lighting and at one time even sold HID lights.

His expertise would play an invaluable part in shaping SonShine's automotive lighting lineup.

From high-output headlights to turn signal and brake lights. SonShine has custom lighting solutions for virtually any light on your car or truck. Many of these lights not only look great, but can serve any practical purposes. Brighter headlights can help with safety on the road; "Personally, I don't have the best eyesight, especially at night. Our LED headlights illuminate your way, making it easier to see the road and what's ahead of you", she said.

Along with headlightsi, brake, hazzard and turn signal lights can be paired with LED bulbs that visually indicate the direction you'll be turning in. When you hit the brakes, the LEDs will flash red to let the car behind you to slow down.

As far as interior lighting goes, SonShine has just about it all. If you drop and lose stuff in your car as much as I do, I know I'm the only one who wishes his stock cabin light was a bit brighter. Custom map lights, dome lights and even floor lights are available in different colors, some of which you can even change on the fly. A fiery red or cool blue to fit the mood would be nice... but for me and my bad eyes, I think I'd go with with the brightest white possible.

SonShine stocks these lighting kits for almost any make and model out there: From '90s Hiluxes to brand new Tacomas, to Jeeps and FJ Cruisers, to almost any year of Corolla or Sentra - If they don't have it, they do their best to find lights for your vehicle. Quiambao adds that SonShine's lighting kits use highly efficient Cree LED chips, which enable high brightness with minimal power consumption. Many of these kits are multi-color and can be easily changed to and from any color on the RGB spectrum at the press of the button.

It's definitely good to know both form and function can go hand-in-hand when it comes to automotive lighting, but when it comes to pure style, custom lighting is a great way to set your ride out from the rest. SonShine's got you covered with a great selection of eye-catching custom lighting solutions.

Underglow lights have long been a stagle of the import tuning scene, and it's no surprise "ground-effect" kits are among SonShine's top sellers. For off-road vehicles, Irene says rock lights - a type of pod light installed inside of the vehicle's fenders - are especially popular on jeeps and trucks. New to the lineup are SonShine's very own Jeep Halo headlights and tog lights, which will keep the road or trails around you well-lit and visible.

If you're in need of some new lights for your car or truck or could use a few new electronics and accesssories for your phone and at home, pay SonShine General Merchandise a visit. They're conviniently located in the same building as The Venue and King's Barber Shop in Agana.

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